PANACEA HERBS Dandelion Hardy Hand Cream

PANACEA HERBS Dandelion Hardy Hand Cream

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Gardeners, nurses, potters and construction workers, REJOICE! This is a necessity for anyone with hardworking hands. Massage this into your dry, sore or cracked hands and cuticles and you’ll find relief. This Hardy Hand Cream is loaded with soothing lanolin, healing organic comfrey and organic dandelion flowers, Also works well for cracked feet and elbows and makes a wonderful massage cream for sore muscles.  20z/60ml

A Soothing, Healing Moisturizer for Hardworking Hands, Dry Skin, Sore Muscles, Minor Cuts and Wounds.

Ingredients: Organic Dandelion Flowers, Organic Comfrey Root, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lanolin, Organic Rosewater, Local Beeswax, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus, Rosemary Essentials Oils, Vitamin E and Organic Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Handmade on Gabriola Island, BC Canada

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