Collection: French Dressing Jeans

FDJ provides excellent fits for all body types! French Dressing Jeans is one of our staple brands that offers great Jeans, Quality fabrics with all the current styles still in mind!

The secret of FDJ’s success begins with the understanding of how to create and offer a perfect fit for every type of silhouette!! Their 'Olivia', 'Suzanne' & 'Christina' fits are our go to jeans that support a wide variety of body types!

  1. The OLIVIA Fit: Is designed for women with curves. Offering lovely bum and hip room. 
  2. The Suzanne Fit: Is a Straighter fit for women with less hips and curves. 
  3. The Christina Fit: Designed for Women with slender hips but who still need some bum room. Hugs in all the right places. 

FDJ is offered in Sizes 2-18. 

Call us if you don't see your size in stock: 250-286-3212