Collection: Prana

PrAna - Clothing for Positive Change! From the farm to the factory to our closets, we all have an opportunity to reduce our impact on the environment. Start asking questions about your clothes in the same way you ask about the food you eat, and you can help fundamentally change the way clothing is made.

Why we love PrAna: 

  • Creating clothes from Organic Cotton. Organic cotton is a great example of our efforts to support ethically-made clothing. It drinks less water, uses rainwater more efficiently, eliminates GMOs and harmful chemicals from your closet, and so much more.
  • Fair Trade Certified: When a brand purchases Fair Trade Certified products from a certified factory, it helps ensure two very important things: Safety measures are put in place to protect employees’ physical and mental health. Companies will pay an additional premium for each item they order, and from there, a committee of factory employees will collaborate and vote on how this money is spent. PrAna was one of the first brands to partner with Fair Trade USA for apparel back in 2010. And since then, we’ve been able to convert 11 factories to Fair Trade Certified and generate premiums which benefited 26,000+ workers worldwide.
  • Clothes made from Recycled Wool: With recycled wool, not only do you get a quality garment that performs extremely well, you also remove the impact on animals from the equation, while minimizing the amount of waste, resources, and energy required to make the garment.
  • The clothes we wear tell a story. From the fields where our organic cotton and hemp are grown, to the beaches where plastic bottles are harvested, to the chemicals that need to be managed upstream, to the safety and well-being of the people assembling our clothing, there is a rich and inspiring story built into each and every piece we create. Ultimately, sustainable clothing respects the planet and its people. When you choose to invest in a piece of our clothing, you are propelling the sustainable clothing movement forward. You are casting a vote for social and environmental responsibility, for transparency, for a fundamental change in the way clothing is made.