Part Two

Part Two is a Copenhagen fashion brand established in 1986. They take pride in  Nordic design history and staying timeless and modern at the same time.

Part Two is constantly looking at new ways to improve their production processes and products, as well as the impact these could have on our planet.

Following the "We Care" initiative Part Two makes efforts towards a cleaner planet in the following:

  • We have joined the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), which is a global organization committed to ensure a more responsible global cotton production through the reduced use of pesticides and water. 


  • We are reducing our use of conventional viscose, and we are looking to more responsible alternatives such as Lyocell, Tencel™ Lyocell, Tencel™ Modal and EcoVero™ viscose. 


  • To limit our use of conventional polyester, we aim to replace it with recycled polyester that comes from either recycled water bottles or textile offcuts.


  • We continue to produce garment hang tags from recycled paper, as well as printing our catalogues and brochures on FSC-certified paper.


  • Our animal welfare policy prohibits the unethical treatment of animals, including the plucking of live birds and the mulesing of lambs. Furthermore, we have banned the use of leather and real fur that originates from breeding for textile use only.

Read More about Part Two's Commitment HERE.