PANACEA HERBS Aloe Facial Toner

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Organic Lavender and Aloe Facial Toner:

Our in-house distilled Lavender hydrosol has captured the sweet essence of lavender on a sunny summer day.  Mixed with organic Aloe Vera, its beautifully refreshing and excellently soothing on the skin. Perfect to use as after sun care, as a toner or as a pick me up after long office hours.

Nootka Rose and Aloe Facial Toner:

Made in house, our rose water is distilled from our wild Nootka roses on the Pacific West Coast.  We also mix it with aloe and a touch of Nootka Rose glycerin for a refreshing skin calming spray.  Excellent after sun, a pick me up and use as a toner for balancing the skin.



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